P464-5VX560 MFG #: P464-5VX560
  • Belt Style Cogged
  • Belt Type Narrow V-Belt
  • Brand Bando
  • Cross Section Height 35/64"
  • Cross Section Width 5/8"
  • Outside Length 56 in
  • Outside Length Range 51-60"
  • Sizes 5V

The unique design and superior quality of the TOTALINE Narrow V-Belt allow you to build or redesign drive systems using smaller pulleys, with shorter center distances (reducing system weight and space) and increased horsepower capacity (exceeding RMA standards by 23.6% average). NOTE: The TOTALINE Narrow V-Belt in three section sizes is ideal for all applications covered by five section sizes of multiple V-belts. For multiple or single drives, the 3V replaces A, B, and C belts; the 5V replaces C and D belts; and the 8V replaces D and E belts.