The Comfort Controller 6400 monitors and controls up to 16 universal "on board" points and can grow beyond these 16 points as your application grow. Through the use of 6400 Input/Output expansion modules, the 6400 provides the capability to control and monitor up to 64 hard-wired points. To add a point, a user simply needs to provide, mount and wire the necessary field sensor and configure the point into the system.

    Pre-Engineered Control Routines

    Comfort Controllers include a library of proven control routines with a "fill-in-the-blanks" format for easy programming. The built-in routines include but are not limited to:

    • Staged thermostat - four stages plus fan
    • Staged Control - six stages
    • Lead/lag pump control with automatic fault logic
    • Heating and Cooling coil control
    • Mixed air damper control
    • Indoor air quality control
    • Air and water reset
    • Humidification
    • Static pressure and fan tracking control

    Built-In Timeclock

    A 365-day timeclock simplifies time scheduling. It features eight different program periods per day and includes 18 holiday periods plus automatic daylight savings and leap year adjustment.

    Energy Management

    In combination with options network modules, the Comfort Controller can help reduce energy costs by intergrating loadshedding, facility time scheduling and system maintenance functions.

    Data Trending

    The Comfort Controller can collect and store temperature, energy consumption and other data series for future references. All data can be viewed and saved via ComfortWORKS® and ComfortVIEW™ software.

    Operator Interfaces

    Comfort Controllers may be configured and monitored with Carrier's ComfortWORKS, ComfortVIEW or Network Service Tool. A hand-held Local Interface Device (LID) provides for easy viewing, monitoring and configuration of the Comfort Controller without a PC.

    Maintenance and Diagnostics

    Diagnostics and output channel LEDs provide a quick and visible indication of the Comfort Controller's operating conditions. The alarm table stores the latest series of alarm occurences leading up to an abnormal condition. The Comfort Controller 6400 offers optionsl "H-O-A" switches which may be included to further facilitate troubleshooting efforts.

    Product Features

    • Stand-alone control and monitoring of up to 16 field points, using proven algorithms.
    • 1600 Compatibility mode can be used to directly replace a 1600 controller.
    • Firmware Updates via FieldLoader.
    • Compatibility with the following interface devices: i-Vu®, ComfortVIEW™, and Network Service Tool V and subsequent versions.
    • Three LEDs, conveniently located on the front of the module, indicate processor status (red), CCN Communication Bus status (yellow), and I/O module communication status (green).
    • Entire database at your disposal. Based on your application's requirements, you determine how many and which algorithms, inputs/outputs, schedules, alarms, and system functions to include in the database. Therefore, the database will only consist of the items that are necessary for the application — valuable memory space is not wasted.
    • Ability to display the amount of available database space.
    • Ability to add items to database as necessary.
    • Local connection for LID and CCN.
    • Total facilities management when linked to a CCN.
    • Ability to disable all inputs, all outputs, or disable both inputs and outputs by simply flipping a switch.
    • Two-day backup of clock and data such as Data
    • Collection and Runtime.
    • Simplified field wiring using “plug type” terminals (two-pin connection).
    • No need for batteries.
    • Uses any standard, field-supplied 24 Vac, 60VA transformer.

    CCN Features

    When included in a network with other CCN controllers, Option Modules, and user interfaces, the following additional capabilities are possible:

    • Alarm processing, messages, and annunciation.
    • Runtime, history, and consumable data collection and report generation.
    • Demand limiting/loadshedding.
    • Broadcast of data such as outside air temperature, outside air humidity, and time of day.
    • Data transfer between system elements.
    • Timed overrides for use with Tenant Billing.
    • Airside and waterside linkage.


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