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Product Integrated Controller

LonWorks™ Carrier Translator

The LonWorks Carrier Translator with LON FT-10A (free topology) communication is a micro controller-based module that provides the ability to integrate Carrier CCN-based controllers into LonWorks-based networks. The LonWorks Carrier Translator (33CNTRANLON) provides CCN to LON FT-10A ANSI/EIA-709.1 protocol conversion.

The Carrier Translator can be mounted in the controls section of any CCN equipment and converts CCN-based controller data to LonWorks. The Carrier Translator is outdoor duty rated and contains a CCN RS-485 connec¬tor and a LON FT-10A communications connector.

The LonWorks Carrier Translator can convert Carrier equipment with CCN controls to LON and outputs the CCN data in standard LON Rooftop or Chiller profiles. Carrier rooftop units can be converted to the standard LonMark Rooftop Unit (RTU) Functional profile 8030 Version 1.1. Carrier chillers can be converted to the standard LonMark Chiller Functional profile 8040 Version 1.0. In addition to the rooftop and chiller profiles, a generic LON profile is also supplied. This profile can be used to convert Carrier controllers that may not convert efficiently into the LonMark Rooftop or Chiller profiles.

When connected to a CCN controller, the LonWorks Carrier Translator allows a third party LON device to read and write to the CCN controller's mapped status display, time schedule, and setpoint schedule data. Note that LON status display write access is subject to the CCN equipment controller's defined read/write access for each status display item.

  • 2-wire removable LonWorks connector
  • 3-wire fixed screw terminal CCN connector
  • 2-wire fixed screw terminal Power connector
  • Red Processor Status LED
  • Yellow CCN Communication Status LED
  • Green LON Service LED
  • LON Service push button