The zone controller is a singular duct, fan powered, variable air volume (VAV) terminal control with factory-integrated controller and actuator. The zone controller maintains precise temperature control in the space by operating the terminal fan and regulating the flow of conditioned air into the space.

    Buildings with diverse loading conditions can be supported by controlling reheat (single duct only) or supplemental heat. The zone controller can support two-position hot water, modulating hot water, or 3-stage electric heat.

    Carrier Linkage System compatibility

    When linked to a Carrier Linkage System, the zone controller provides numerous features and benefits such as weighted average demand for system operation, intelligent supply air temperature reset, set point averaging, global set point schedule, and occupancy scheduling. Duct static reset for the air source is provided, based on terminal requirements.

    Additional control features

    The zone controller provides additional control features such as Occupied/Unoccupied scheduling initialized via the network. The zone controller offers override invoked from a wall sensor during unoccupied hours from 1 to 1440 minutes in 1-minute increments. Optional indoor air quality (IAQ) or relative humidity monitoring and control are also available.

    Simple actuator connection

    The zone controller control assembly contains an integral VAV actuator assembly that is field mounted to the VAV terminal damper shaft, similar to the mounting of a standard actuator. The actuator is rated at 35 lb-in. (3.95 Nm) torque, a 90-degree stroke, and provides second nominal timing at 60 Hz. The actuator is suitable for mounting onto a 3/8-in. (9.5 mm) square or round VAV box damper shaft, or onto a 1/2-in. (13 mm) round damper shaft. The minimum VAV box damper shaft length is 1 3/4-in. (45 mm). The zone controller is designed for vertical or horizontal mounting.

    Ease of installation

    The zone controller is provided with removable connectors for power and communications. The zone controller has non-removable screw type connectors for inputs. The removable connectors are designed so that they can be inserted one way so as to prevent installation errors. The zone controller also provides an RJ-14 modular phone jack for the Network Service tool connection to the module via the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) communications.

    An optional conduit box cover (Part Number 33ZCCONBOX) provides for field wiring connection via conduit. The conduit box is designed to accept two 1/2-in. (13 mm) EMT conduits.

    User interface

    The 33ZCFANTRM is designed to allow a service person or building owner to configure and operate the unit through the CCN user interfaces. A user interface is not required for day-to-day operation. All maintenance, configuration, set up, and diagnostic information is available through the Level II communications port to allow data access by an attached computer running Network Service Tool, ComfortVIEW™, or ComfortWORKS® software.

    • Provides Pressure Independent (VAV) control via Proportional Integral Derivative loop
    • Installs directly onto VAV box damper shaft for terminals up to 9000 CFM
    • Quick and easy commissioning and balancing
    • Automatic self-calibration of airflow transducer
    • Capable of high-speed 38.4 kilobaud communications network operation
    • Auxiliary heating control of modulating (floating) hot water, two-position hot water; single, two, or three stage electric; or zone perimeter heat
    • Capable of demand controlled ventilation support with field-installed IAQ sensor
    • Capable of stand-alone operation, with supply air temperature sensor
    • Capable of zone humidity control (dehumidification) with field-installed humidity sensor
    • Carrier Linkage capability via CCN communication network
    • Provides a remote occupancy contact input for a field-supplied occupancy sensor
    • Both controller housing and actuator are UL94-5V plenum rated


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