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Venstar Inc. Explorer Non-Programmable, 2-Heat/2-Cool, Digital, Multi-Stage, Thermostat

Features & Benefits

  • Control to or Monitor a 2nd Sensor
  • Setpoint Limiting
  • Up to 4 Hours Override
  • Controls Humidification, Dehumidification
  • Simple as you Want Operation
  • Switchable: Programmable or Non-Programmable, Switchable: Auto Changeover, or Heat or Cool Only, Large, Easy to Read Display, Scrolling Display Makes Setup Easy, Adjustable Backlight Intensity, Backlit, Color Coded Buttons and Legend, Choice of English, French or Spanish for Scrolling Display, Bi-Color LED Indicates a Heating or Cooling Demand, Dry Contact Input, Outdoor Sensor Ready, Random Start, Fahrenheit or Celsius Display, Service Alert Indicator, Compatible with Condensate Overflow Warning Systems Lockout Compressor with Message on the Display, Keypad Lock, Non-Volatile Memory, Wireless Connectivity with Optional Accessory, ADR (Automated Demand Response) Ready, FDD (Equipment Fault Protection) Notification, API for 3rd Party Monitor and Control
  • Night Dimmer for Brightness Control in Sensitive Areas at Night
  • Configuration App to Easily Setup Wi-Fi and Thermostat Setting


  • Type: Non-Programmable, 2-Heat/2-Cool, Digital, Multi-Stage
  • Size: 4.6 Inch Width x 1.1 Inch Depth x 5.2 Inch Height
  • Approval: UL (Canada and US), FCC
  • Application Commercial Gas/Electric, Heat Pump Control