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General Purpose Controller

Adds Additional I/O Point Capacity to the OPN-UCCXP Controller. 16 Inputs/8 Outputs. Universal Programmable Controller Provides Auxiliary Building Control to Interface with Air Handlers, Chiller Plants, Hot Water Systems, Lighting, and Other HVAC Equipment

The UC Open XP IO expander adds additional I/O point capacity to the UC Open XP Controller. These controllers provide auxiliary building control to interface with air handlers, chiller plants, hot water systems, lighting, and other HVAC equipment. The UC Open XP’s factory engineered control programs provide simple building integration for commercial applications with 24 I/O point capability. When the UC Open XP IO expander is added to the UC Open XP controller, up to 24 additional I/O points are available. Together, these controllers support up to 48 total I/O points for even greater flexibility.

Application Features

  • Comprehensive library of factory-engineered control programs available for air and water systems, including: CV and VAV AHU control, WSHP loop control (boilers/towers/pumps), chiller plant control, hot water systems, lighting control, metering, and network data sharing
  • Supports Snap graphical programming for creating customized control programs
  • Supports Carrier communicating room sensors, which allow for local setpoint adjustment and local overrides

Hardware Features

  • Expands the UC Open XP Controller to support up to 48 I/O points
  • Removable screw terminals for I/O connections
  • Versatile mounting options: may be mounted directly onto the UC Open XP enclosure or separately within the mounting enclosure

System Benefits

  • Integrated Carrier linkage algorithm for plug-and-play integration with Carrier systems
  • Fully plug-and-play with the Carrier i-Vu Building Automation System
  • Supports demand limiting for maximum energy savings