Compact 4-Way Cassette, 12/13.5 208/230-1-60 VRF System

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  • Motor Phase: Single
  • Frequency: 60
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Modular Multi-System Indoor Units

Indoor Compact 4-Way Cassette - Non-Ducted

  • Fits perfectly into ceilings and matches standard architectural modules to virtually eliminate the need to cut ceiling tiles
  • Slim design is only 10.6" in height even when an electrical box is located inside the unit
  • Installation is easy using the panel adjust pocket
  • Adjust pocket function for fine adjustments after installation
  • Available for ceilings up to 11.5' high (8.1' on AP007 and AP009)
  • Drain-checking hole makes it possible to check the drain pan through the side case<

* The actual values in an external operating environment are generally higher than the indicated values due to the contribution from ambient noise