W7212A1009 MFG #: W7212A1009
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  • Operates from commercial thermostat and DCV sensor to provide a totally integrated control system
  • Mounts on M7215 Motor or ductwork
  • The W7212 is used with Honeywell Series 72 actuators
  • Combines minimum and DCV maximum damper position potentiometers with compressor staging relay
  • Functions with solid state enthalpy or dry bulb changeover control
  • Terminals included for connecting optional S963B1128 Remote Potentiometer for remote minimum damper position control
  • LED indicates when free cooling is available
  • LED indicates when module is in DCV mode
  • LED indicates when exhaust fan contact is closed
  • W7212C with additional "E" enthalpy curve

Control of free cooling in commercial HVAC equipment.