MKC-124/50-60JAQ MFG #: MKC-124/50-60JAQ
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  • Category: Solenoid Coil
  • Warehouse Availability: CRNE
  • Frequency: 50/60
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  • Sx.e Stocking Unit: Each
  • Sx.e Vendor: Parts
  • Replacement Solenoid Coils for Sporlan Solenoid and Pressure Regulating Valves
  • Applications:
    • Air Conditioning Residential, Heat pumps, Chillers, Commercial units
    • Industrial Food Service units - Ice Machines, Slush Machines
    • Refrigeration Cases, Freezers, Walkin units, Self-contained units
    • Industrial Refrigeration
    • Transportation Truck/Trailer, Buses, Rail, Vans, Reefers