032F1172 MFG #: 032F1172
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  • Category: Solenoid Valve
  • Warehouse Availability: CRNE
  • Application: Discharge Gas, Liquid Line, Suction Line
  • Connection Size: 5/8"
  • Port Size: 9/16"
  • Position: Normally Closed
  • Refrigerant: R134A, R22, R22/R407C, R23, R404A/R507, R407A, R410A
  • Stem Type: Manual Stem
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EVR 2 - EVR 25 (NC), copper solder connections, without coils

A complete range of solenoid valves for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning systems. Normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) versions available. AC and DC coils are interchangeable on all valve body versions. Use with any fluorinated refrigerant. Designed for media temperatures up to 220 F. Flare connections up to 5/8. Solder connections up to 2-1/8. Solder versions have extended connections; there is no need to Dismantle the valve when soldering.

EVR is a direct or servo operated solenoid valve for liquid, suction, and hot gas lines using fluorinated refrigerants.