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  • Category: Residential Filter Cabinet
  • Warehouse Availability: MALD, PLME, WESE
  • Application: Furnace
  • Motor Phase: Single
  • Mounting Location: Bottom Mount, Duct Mount, Side Mount, Standalone
  • Style: Air Purifier
  • CFM: 1400
  • Country Of Origin: CH
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Kit Model Number: KIT170000

The Air Purifier provides extremely high filtration performance while killing captured contaminants, including viruses and bacteria. The Air Purifier treats the entire air--stream through a state of the art, three--stage process. In stage one, the particles are electrically charged by a precision--point ionization array as they enter the Air Purifier. In stage two, the charged particles are electrically attracted to the air purification cartridge. In stage three, captured particles are killed by electrical current flow and ion bombardment.

  • Filtration Performance- High Efficiency
  • Germicidal Performance- 96% germicidal/deactivation of human influenza virus, common cold virus and streptococcus bacteria.
  • Simple + Easy to Install - Five distinct cabinet sizes help to ensure a perfect fit to the bottom and side of most fan coils and furnaces. Includes power cords. Virtually no cleaning required. Simply change purifier cartridge periodically.
  • Application Possibilities - Unit can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position, which makes it equally adaptable to horizontal, downflow, or standard upflow applications.
  • Solid-State Power Supply -Power supply is a highly reliable, dual voltage compatible, state-of-the-art, solid-state device.
  • Durable Cabinet - Heavy-steel cabinet supports up to 400 lb when installed beneath a fan coil.