Control, Infinity Damper Control Module 4 Zone

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The Infinity® Zoning System allows air conditioning and heating equipment to control temperatures and humidity in up to 8 distinct spaces, or zones, within a building (8 zones is achieved by pairing two 4-zone panels together). Each zone has independent temperature settings. The comfort temperature settings can change automatically through the use of schedules. This allows the Infinity® System to change temperature settings in zones to reflect occupancy or usage.

Each zone requires a motorized zone damper to control the air supplied to it and a zone sensor to sense temperature in each zone. There are three sensor options available (Wall Control, Remote Room Sensor, and Smart Sensor). The wall control is typically used as a sensor in the primary zone. If desired, a Remote Room Sensor or a Smart Sensor may be used to sense the Zone 1 temperature. This can give the installer some flexibility in locating the Master Infinity® Touch wall control to another area.

Note: Carrier’s dampers are of the modulating type and come in various sizes. They are powered open, and powered closed using a 24 vac threewire connection and are modulated to maintain space temperature. The dampers are non spring return and have specific drive timing allowing the system to track the dampers position. Because of this, non-Carrier dampers may not be substituted.