58X164X12BL MFG #: EZB58164
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Mueller Industries, Inc. / Great Lakes Copper Ltd. (Kamco Products) EZ-Roll™ PLUS 5/8" x 164' L, 1/2" Insulation Wall Thick, Plain End, Black Coated Insulation, Copper, Standard, Single, Refrigerant Tubing

Features & Benefits

  • EZ-Roll Plus™ Black Insulated Copper Tubing is the Latest Introduction from Great Lakes Copper Ltd for Line Set, Refrigeration and General HVAC Applications
  • Proudly Introducing EZ-Roll Plus™ Black, Great Lakes Copper Ltd Continues to Bring Forward New and Innovative Solutions to the Challenges of Tomorrow
  • Proving to be its Most Distinct Characteristic the Durability of the Black Coating is its Most Significant Advantage, Providing Exception Tear Resistance Wherever it is Installed
  • EZ-Roll Plus™ Black has an Exterior Coating that can Handle Installations Through Rough Concrete Access Points, Through Wooden Joists or Other Rough Surface Conditions
  • Eliminating Tears Avoids Repairs and Saves You Time
  • The Black Coating also Features UV and Moisture Resistant Qualities, Securing Against Thermal Losses and Providing Longevity When in Direct Contact with Sunlight and UV Rays


  • Length: 164 Foot
  • End Connection: Plain End
  • Material: Copper
  • Material Specification: ASTM E84
  • Temperature Rating: 220 to 297 Deg F
  • Color: Black Coated (Insulation)
  • Application: Air Conditioner, Refrigerant
  • Type Standard, Single
  • Size 5/8 Inch Suction Line
  • Insulation Wall Thickness 1/2 Inch