Access Tee, 1/4"QC x 1/4"

A34000 MFG #: A34000
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand JB Industries
  • Connection Size 1/4"
  • Type Swivel Connector
JB Industries 1/4" QC x 1/4" Branch, Brass, Access Valve Tee with O-Ring Seal

Features & Benefits

  • The Quick Coupler Access Tee has an O-Ring Seal and Comes Furnished with a Cap and Core
  • Made in USA


  • MROSCS Leaf Class Name: Valve Tee
  • Material: Brass
  • Used On Item: Charging Equipment, Digital Gauge, Access Valve
  • Connection Size 1/4 Inch QC x 1/4 Inch Branch
  • Includes O-Ring Seal