20X25X4 MERV 14

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  • MERV Rating: 14
  • Size: 20" x 25"
  • Thickness: 4"
Purolator SERVA-cell Filter
The Purolator SERVA-cell is a high efficiency, extended surface, ASHRAE rated air filter with aluminum separators. Its box filter construction eliminates the need for retainers and special external wire media supports. A high surface area to depth ratio provides the maximum amount of effective filter media in areas of minimum in-line duct space.


  • For conditions such as high humidity, turbulent airflow, intermittent water exposure, and elevated operating temperatures.
  • Features

    • All metal, corrosion resistant, galvanized steel casing. Available with a single or double galvanized steel header.
    • The media pack is bonded and secured with a micro-fiberglass blanket and non-toxic adhesive on the upstream side.
    • U.L. Classification: Per U.L. 900 for flammability Tested in accordance with U.L. Standard 900 and ASHRAE 52.2-2007.
    • Maximum operating temperature: 350ºF.
    • Media: Continuous sheet of non-combustible, waterproof, micro-fiberglass.
    • Pleat configuration: Radi-edge configuration promotes maximum exposure of media surface area to airflow.
    • Pleat support: Pleated around radi-edge, corrugated aluminum separators.