Ball Valve, WA Series 3/8" ODS .50" Dia

586WA-6ST MFG #: 586WA-6ST
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  • Category: Valve
  • Warehouse Availability: CRNE, MALD, PLME, WESE
  • Application: Refrigeration
  • Body Material: Brass
  • Inlet Connection Size: 3/8"
  • Outlet Connection Size: 3/8"
  • Style: Ball Valve
  • Type: Shutoff Valve
  • Enrichment Status: Final
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Sherwood Valve, LLC (Superior Valve) INTEGRA-SEAL® 3/8" x 3/8", ODS x ODS, 700 PSIG, Forged Brass Body, Polished Brass/Carbon Steel Ball, 1/4 Turn, Full Port, Welded, Ball Valve without Access Fitting

Features & Benefits

  • A robotically welded body joint
  • Full-size ports for unrestricted flow
  • These ball valves employ the latest robotic welding technology
  • Every continuous welded body joint is 100% factory tested to ensure positively leak-Free performance
  • Dual non-stick® ball seals surround a polished brass or carbon steel ball at each end
  • A secondary seal becomes effective if foreign material scores the primary seal - even in extremely unfavorable conditions such as compressor burnout - a Superior exclusive
  • WA/WAS Series Ball Valves are constructed using a forged brass body with copper tube extensions on all sizes
  • Mechanical internal forged stops ensure positive open or closed positions - another Superior exclusive
  • Full open to full close with 1/4 turn All sizes incorporate a dual stem seal design utilizing non-stick packing compressed by an internal packing nut forming the primary seal
  • The unique seal cap design permits valve operation without removal of the seal cap and uses non-stick gaskets to provide a secondary seal - a third Superior exclusive! There are no synthetic O-rings
  • Ball internal relief port design ensures shut-off in either direction of flow - even during evacuation of the system
  • Full flow ports in all sizes 3/8" through 3-1/8"
  • These ball valves are non-directional flow valves and may be installed in any position
  • No synthetic O-ring seals
  • Double seal protection provides a Superior stem design
  • Seal cap design permits valve operation without removal of seal cap
  • Made in USA


  • Type: Welded
  • Actuation Type: 1/4 Turn
  • Nominal Size: 3/8 Inch x 3/8 Inch
  • End Connection: ODS x ODS
  • End to End Distance: 6.5 Inch
  • Ball Material: Polished Brass or Carbon Steel
  • Body Material: Forged Brass
  • Seal Material: Non-Stick
  • Port Type: Full
  • Pressure Rating: 700 PSIG (DWP)
  • Inclusions/Features: Strategically Located on Tube Extension
  • Exclusions: Access Fitting
  • Applicable Standard: UL, CUL
  • Port Diameter 0.5 Inch
  • Extension Material Copper Tube
  • Seal Cap Material Forged Brass