330X MFG #: 1087646
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Berry Plastics
  • Color Silver
  • Roll Length 150 ft
  • Size 3 in
Berry Global (Polyken) 72 MM x 46 M x 3.5 Mil, Aluminum, Acrylic Adhesive, 1.75 Mil Aluminum Foil Backing, Polycoated Natural Kraft Paper Liner, Premium, Extreme Weather, Foil Tape (16 per Case)

Polyken is engineered for performance, providing you quality and consistency for every application. For over fifty years the Polyken brand has developed products and technology that have superior technical performance. As an industry specialist you need adhesive solutions that consistently meet your unique needs. Whether the application is simple or complex, you know you can count on Polyken. Polyken 557 tape is a superior closure system for use on UL Listed flexible, non-metallic air duct. Ideal for Challenging bonding, protecting, bundling, and repair applications. High Strength PE Coated Cloth Backing: Tough and Durable. Conformable to wrap ducts for an effective seal. Aggressive Natural Rubber Adhesive: Excellent bond to sheet metal and other surfaces. High strength to withstand vertical pull from the weight of the duct system. UL 181B-FX Listed: Meets code requirements and can contribute toward requirements for EA Credit 1 (Optimize Energy Performance) under LEED®. Low VOC Content: Can contribute toward satisfying EQ Credit 4.1 (Low Emitting Materials) under LEED®.

Features & Benefits

  • Special Adhesive System with Aggressive Adhesion Even at -35 Deg F
  • Foil Backing is Extremely Conformable
  • High Performance Acrylic Adhesive
  • UV, Moisture and Mold Resistant
  • Low Odor
  • High Tack, Aggressive Bond to Surfaces
  • Excellent Performance in Extreme Cold or Heat
  • Meets Flammability Requirements for Use in Construction, Aerospace and Marine Applications
  • Low VOC Content


  • Type: Premium, Extreme Weather
  • Length: 46 Meter
  • Width: 72 Millimeter
  • Thickness: 3.5 Mil
  • Material: Acrylic Adhesive, 1.75 Mil Aluminum Foil Backing, Polycoated Natural Kraft Paper Liner
  • Temperature Rating: -35 to 260 Deg F
  • Dispenser Supplied: No
  • Color: Aluminum
  • Application: HVAC, Taping Joint and Seam in Duct Work for Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration System, Aircraft Sealing and Masking, Insulation Seaming and Patching, Window Mask, General Purpose Industrial and Automotive
  • Applicable Standard: UL 723, FAR 25.853
  • Construction Single Coated
  • Adhesion to Steel 55 Ounce per Inch
  • Tensile Strength 14 Inch-Pound