30,000 BTU 20 SEER Single-Zone Heat Pump System - Wall Mounted

Outdoor Unit Model:
Zone 1 Indoor Model:
  • AHRI # 206348139
  • Brand Carrier
  • Number of Zones 1
  • EER 11.5
  • Energy Star Rated No
  • HSPF 9.6
  • Indoor Configuration 30
  • Indoor Style Wall Mounted
  • Min Piping Length Per Zone (Ft) 10
  • Outdoor Unit Voltage 208/230V
  • Refrigerant R410A
  • SEER 20

This Carrier 2 Ton MAHB ductless inverter driven single-zone system includes the outdoor heat pump and (1) Wall Mounted indoor units.

The system combination has a combined system efficiency of 20 SEER, 11.5 EER, and 9.6 HSPF. The AHRI number for this combination is 206348139

Recommended Wiring: The main power is supplied to the outdoor unit. The field supplied 14/3 stranded wire with ground with a 600 volt insulation rating, power/communication wiring from the outdoor unit to indoor unit consists of four (4) wires and provides the power for the indoor unit. Two wires are line voltage AC power, one is communication wiring (S) and the other is a ground wire. Wiring between indoor and outdoor unit is polarity sensitive. The use of BX wire is NOT recommended.

Recommended Piping:
Zone 1 40MAHBQ30XA3: 5/8" Vapor Line - 3/8" Liquid Line

Some of the benefits of the Carrier MAH Series multi-zone system include:

Fast Installation: This compact ductless system is simple to install. A mounting bracket is included with the indoor units and only wires and piping need to run between the indoor and outdoor units. These units are fast and easy to install ensuring minimal disruption to customers in homes or the workplace. This makes the 38MARQ systems the equipment of choice for retrofit applications.

Simple Servicing and Maintenance: Removing the top panel on outdoor units provides immediate access to the control compartment, providing a service technician access to check unit operation. In addition, the draw-thru design of the outdoor section means that dirt accumulates on the outside surface of the coil. Coils can be cleaned quickly from the inside using a pressure hose and detergent. On all indoor units, service and maintenance expense is reduced due to easy-to-use cleanable filters. In addition, these high wall systems have extensive self-diagnostics to assist in troubleshooting

Built−in Reliability: Ductless system indoor and outdoor units are designed to provide years of trouble−free operation.

The high wall indoor units include protection against freeze-up and high evaporator temperatures on heat pumps.

The condensing units on heat pumps are protected by a three minute time delay before the compressor starts the over-current protection and the high temperature protection. 

Easy−To−Use Controls: The multi−zone systems have microprocessor−based controls to provide the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. The user friendly wired and wireless remote controls provide the interface between the user and the unit.