Media Air Cleaner Cabinet, 24" 600-2200 CFM w/MERV8 Filter

  • Buyer EQUI
  • Brand Carrier
  • Application Fan Coil
  • Mounting Location Bottom Mount, Duct Mount, Side Mount, Standalone
  • Style Mechanical
  • Height 8 7/8" in
  • Length 22 1/4" in
  • Width 21 11/32" in

The FNCCAB Mechanical Air Cleaner cleans the air of dust, pollen, and smoke which helps keep homes cleaner and fresher longer.

  • Easy Filter Access - Using the FNCCAB air cleaner allows homeowners easy filter access on their fan coil system. They will no longer have to go inside the fan coil to access or change the filter
  • Insulated Cabinet- R4.2 insulation
  • Improved Indoor FILFNC Air Quality (IAQ) - The FILFNC filter, included with the FNCCAB media cabinet, provides MERV 8 air cleaning efficiency for improved IAQ. For enhanced filtration, a MERV 11 option is available
  • Trouble-Free Installation - The EZXCAB is equipped with a month indicator to remind the homeowner when to change the filter
  • System Friendly Pressure Drop -No electricity is required
  • Nearly Maintenance Free Operation - The only maintenance required is replacing the media filter cartridge when needed – before each heating or cooling season or at least twice a year, depending on conditions

  • FNCCAB - Fan Coil Filter Cabinet
    CC - Carrier
    00 - Factory Assigned- Not Used
    14 - Size