ISO Grade 150 Alkyl Benzene (ABMO) Oil (1 Quart)

P903-2025 MFG #: P903-2025
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  • Category: Refrigerant Oil
  • Container Size: 1 Quart
  • ISO Viscosity: 150
  • Refrigerant Oil Type: Alkyl Benzene (ABMO)
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The Z-Series are high quality synthetic Alkylbenzene Refrigeration fluids for us with HCFC, CFC and ammonia refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Due to superior miscibility, Totaline Z-Series lubricants are excellent for systems utilizing environmentally sound refrigerants MP39, MP60, HP80 or HP81. Totaline Z-Series are superior products for all R-22, R-123 and R-502 Systems, particularly at low temperatures. Z-200CX is formulated with a unique additive package providing extreme pressure (EP) lubricity and foam control at operating conditions.

Alkylbenzene Refrigeration Oil (AB) is a high quality reliable lubricant with high solubility, Low foaming, Low floc point and excellent thermal stability. OEM approved