Browning BX69 Cogged V-Belt

BX69 MFG #: BX69
  • Buyer STOR
  • Style Cogged
  • Belt Type Multiple V-Belt
  • Brand Browning
  • Common Belt Size BX69
  • Cross Section Height 13/32"
  • Cross Section Width 21/32"
  • Material Ethylene
  • Outside Length 72 in
  • Outside Length Range 71-80"
  • Size B
  • Size BX
  • Thickness 0.41
  • Type Notched V Belt
  • Weight 0.65 lb
Regal Beloit Corporation (Browning) GRIPNOTCH® 21/32" x 7/16", 72" Outside Circumference, 70.8" Pitch Length, EPDM, Type BX, Cog V-Belt

Browning® Classical v-belts are designed to deliver maximum performance and service life. Classical belts feature single wrap design, which provides greater flexibility when using small diameter sheaves. Classical single wrap v-belts also have less fabric overlap, which reduces center distance variation and vibration. For energy conscious users, our AX/BX molded notched/cogged v-belts are up to 3% more efficient than the wrapped designs.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique Design Enhances Performance and Provides Increased Horsepower Capacity in a Shorter Center Drive
  • Single Fabric Design Allows for the Belt to be More Flexible in Addition, it can Now be Used with Sub-Min Pitch Diameters Sheaves to Reduce Drive Cost
  • Reduced Overlap Provides Lower Vibration and Reduced Noise During Operation
  • High Strength, Synthetic Fiber Cords Carry the Horsepower Load and Minimize Stretching
  • Notches are Molded Extra Deep
  • Oil and Heat Resistant
  • Static Conducting


  • Type: BX
  • Outside Circumference: 72 Inch
  • Top Width: 21/32 Inch
  • Thickness: 7/16 Inch
  • Material: EPDM
  • Application: Aggregate and Cement, Agriculture, HVAC, Minerals and Mining, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper and Unit Handling
  • Pitch Length 70.8 Inch
  • Temperature Rating -60 to 250 Deg F