V-Belt, 125" 5V Size Outside Length Narrow Cogged Fan

P464-5VX1250 MFG #: P464-5VX1250
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  • Category: Belt
  • Warehouse Availability: CRNE
  • Belt Type: Narrow V-Belt
  • Cross Section Height: 35/64"
  • Cross Section Width: 5/8"
  • Outside Length Range: 101-150"
  • Size: 5V
  • Style: Cogged
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Carrier (Totaline) 125" Outside Circumference, Type 5VX, Narrow, Cogged V-Belt

Features & Benefits

  • The unique design and superior quality of the TOTALINE Narrow V-Belt allow you to build or redesign drive systems using smaller pulleys, with shorter center distances (reducing system weight and space) and increased horsepower capacity (exceeding RMA standards by 23.6% average)


  • Type: 5VX, Narrow
  • Outside Circumference: 125 Inch