Equipment/Filter Cleaner, 1gal Bio-Fresh

4126-38 MFG #: 4126-38
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  • Brand Nu-Calgon
Nu-Calgon Bio-Fresh® cd 1 Gallon Bottle, Chlorine Fragrant, Liquid, Bacteriostat, Fungistat, Clear to Pale Yellow Bio-Fresh® cd All Purpose Deodorizer

Bio-Fresh cd is a ready-to-use bacteriostat, fungistat and deodorizer based upon chlorine dioxide technology. It is recommended for control of bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and yeast in IAQ applications. Its EPA registration includes application in HVACR ventilating equipment, including coils, condensate pans, filters and duct-work. Evaporator coils, condensate drain pans, filters and duct-work in air conditioning systems can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Left untreated, it can grow and eventually affect indoor air quality, a major concern of the IAQ movement today. Use of a product like Bio-Fresh cd in a total program such as Nu-Calgon’s IAQ Assurance Program will correct this problem by inhibiting the growth of bacteria or mold.

Features & Benefits

  • A Concentrated, Ready-To-Use Bacteriostat is a Fungistat and Deodorant
  • Can be Sprayed in Occupied Area
  • Kills Odors and Controls Bacteria
  • Eliminates Odors where they Exist


  • Form: Liquid
  • Fragrant Type: Chlorine
  • Container Type: Bottle
  • Container Capacity: 1 Gallon
  • Application: HVAC/R Ventilating Equipment, Evaporator Coil, Condensate Drain Pan, Filter and Duct Work in Air Conditioning System
  • Odor Slight Odor of Chlorine
  • Color Clear to Pale Yellow
  • Composition 0.17 Percent of Sodium Chlorite
  • Boiling Point 213 Deg F
  • pH Value 8 to 8.5
  • Vapor Pressure Rating 23.7 mm Hg
  • Vapor Density 0.02 Kilogram per Cubic Meter
  • Relative Density 1.01 Gram per Millimeter
  • Viscosity 0.6409 Square Millimeter per Second
  • Applicable Standard EPA