Coil Cleaner, 20oz Aerosol CalClean

4081-75 MFG #: 4081-75
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Nu-Calgon
Nu-Calgon CalClean® 20 Oz, Aerosol, CalClean® Evaporator and Condenser Coil Cleaner

Features & Benefits

  • A Heavy Duty Detergent Containing Surfactants, Grease Solvent, Alkaline Cleaner, Corrosion Inhibitor and Water Conditioner
  • Ideal for Cleaning Window Units as Well as Small Evaporator Coils, Air Cooled Condenser Coil, Metal Filters, Fan Blade, Walk-Ins, Reach-Ins, Cooler, Freezer, Microchannels, A/C System and Other Surface Soiled with Greasy Dust and Dirt
  • CalClean is Acceptable for Use as a General Cleaner on Surfaces in and Around Food Processing Areas, Where its Use is not Intended for Direct or Indirect Food Contact
  • Cover or Remove all Food Products Around the Area Where the Product will be Used
  • Food Preparation Surfaces Cleaned by this Product Must be Rinsed with Potable Water Prior to Preparing Food
  • Made in USA


  • Cleaner Type: Aerosol
  • Container Capacity: 20 Ounce
  • Composition: Butane, Propane, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Tripolyphosphate
  • Application: Cleaning Window Unit, Small Evaporator Coil, Air Cooled Condenser Coil, Metal Filter, Fan Blade, Walk-Ins, Reach-Ins, Cooler, Freezer, Microchannel, Air Conditioning System