3110-80-XL MFG #: 03-3110-80-X-LARGE
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Youngstown Glove Company Carpenter Plus X-Large, Terry Cloth Thumb, Carpenter Plus Work Gloves

A professional grade work glove designed to provide fingertip dexterity with the shortened thumb, index and middle fingers. Heavy duty non slip reinforcement protects the palm at critical wear areas. The form fit design coupled with the shortened fingers allows the worker to easily handle nails, screws, wires and other small items.

Features & Benefits

  • Bolt Head is Combination Slot and Hex Head for Flexibility of Attachment
  • Square Nut is Captivated on the Shoulder for Easy 1-Handed Tightening
  • Straps are Interchangeable with 1-1/2 Inch Strut for Broader Application
  • Straps are Shipped Assembled So Counting and Sorting are Easier
  • Pipe or Conduit Sizes are Shown on the Strap for Easy Identification
  • All Superstrut Straps are Pre-Assembled for Easy Handling and Sorting


  • Type: Tubing to Strut
  • Material: 12 Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Gold Galvanized
  • Trade Size: 3-1/2 Inch
  • Load Rating: 1300 Pound
  • Approval CSA