CEPL130531-10-R MFG #: CEPL130531-10-R
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General Purpose Controller

General purpose HVAC control and monitoring device capable of standalone control or used in a Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN) communicating system. Adds additional 16 I/O point capacity to the Comfort Controller 6400 CEPL130530-10-R Controller.

The Comfort Controller 6400-I/O is used with the Comfort Controller 6400 to expand the field point capacity from 16 points (8 inputs and 8 outputs) up to a total of 64 points.

Each 6400-I/O can be configured to use all 16 points (8 inputs and 8 outputs) or only 8 outputs or only 8 inputs. This provides the ultimate flexibility in usage of field points to meet the specific needs of each application. Determine the number of 6400-I/O required for your particular application. Then simply install the modules along with the 6400 in your field-selected NEMA-3R enclosure.

To determine the number of 6400-I/O required by the particular application, first decide how many field points are required. Then order and install the 6400-I/O(s) along with the 6400 in your field-selected enclosure. This modularity contributes to overall versatility.

  • Monitors up to 16 field points.
  • Two LEDs, conveniently located at the top of the module, indicate processor status (red) and module communication status (green).
  • Local connection for LID.
  • Ability to disable all inputs or all outputs by simply flipping a switch.
  • Simplified field wiring using “plug type” terminals (two-pin connection).