CP422020 MFG #: 81255-022020
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  • Size 20" x 20"
  • Brand Clarcor
  • Thickness 2"
  • Type Pleated
Purolator Carbon Pleated Filter
Purolator’s carbon pleated filter is to promote improved indoor air quality through odor control. These carbon-loaded pleated filters clean the air by removing airborne molecular contaminants present at levels less than one particle per million. Efficiency MERV 8: Small (20 x 50 mesh) carbon particles and pleated configuration maximize adsorbent surface area Low pressure drop: Uniform dispersion of carbon throughout media, not just on surface, lets air flow freely Longer filter life, minimal shedding/dusting: thermal bonding of media to carbon exposes maximum adsorbent surface area More adsorbent: pound for pound, our carbon media is six times more effective than competitive GAC carbons.


  • The Purolator Hi-E 40 CB filter is recommended for typical IAQ settings of 1ppm or less. Specific applications include air conditioning filters, furnace filters, heating vents, air intakes, air purification devices, and ozone removal devices.
  • Appropriate end users are those involved with filtration of hospital facilities, chemical plant offices/labs, pollution control areas, sewage disposal and waste management plant offices, airports, kitchens and restaurants, or commercial offices.
  • Features

    • A non-woven dual layer pleated filter media composed of synthetic fibers makes up the this carbon media filter.
    • The media of this Carbon filter is so stiff with carbon that it is actually self-supporting and requires no external wire reinforcements.
    • The pre-filter layer is MERV 8 - allowing for particulate and odor removal in one package. Each filter is loaded with 200 grams/sq. meter (GSM) of superior, 60% active, 20 x 50 mesh-size carbon particles.
    • Our top-grade carbon provides six times the adsorbent surface area of standard GAC carbon - making it vastly more effective, efficient, and long-lasting. No adhesive is used in the media. Fine mesh carbon granules are bonded to the synthetic fibers by a unique thermal process that requires no adhesive and blinds less than 1.5% of each carbon particle’s effective surface area. As a result, more than 98.5% of the carbon’s surface is exposed to contaminated air - resulting in maximum gas adsorbing capacity and efficiency. This bonding method also features minimal dust release.
    • The pleated configuration of the this media filter also increases the filter’s exposed surface area, thereby providing a higher overall efficiency by expanding its capability to adsorb contaminants.
    • This carbon filter elements are enclosed in a two-piece heavy duty, high-wet-strength beverage board frame. When assembled, the fully bonded double-wall frame