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Venstar Inc. ColorTouch® 7/5-2/1/365 Day Programmable or Non-Programmable, 4-Heat/2-Cool, Digital, Thermostat

Features & Benefits

  • Up to 3 Occupied Time Periods Per Day
  • Full Color Touchscreen with Customizable Wallpaper and Screen Savers
  • Customizable Service Alerts that can Display Dealers Name, Full Color Logo and Phone Number
  • High Resolution Touchscreen Display with 4.3 Inch Diagonally Viewing Area
  • 3 Advanced Security Levels with Customizable 4-Digit Passcode for Full Screen Lock
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Operation
  • 72-Hour Super Cap for Keeping Internal Time Current During Power Loss
  • Energy Watch Keeps Track of Energy Use by Tracking Heating, Cooling and Auxiliary Heat Hours
  • Override Button Adjustable in 30 Minute
  • Increment (Up to 4 Hours)
  • Preoccupancy Purge Feature, Allows the Fan to be Turned on in 15-Minute Increments (Up to 3 Hours)
  • Heating and Cooling Setpoint Limiting with Adjustable Dead Bands and Timers
  • Smart Fan (Keeps the Fan from Running During Unoccupied Periods)
  • Optional Auxiliary Heat Lockout Based on Outdoor Temperature
  • All Programming and Setpoints Stored in Non-Volatile Memory and are Never Lost in Power Failure
  • Emergency Heat Switch when Set in Heat Pump Mode
  • Display Supports English, Spanish and French Languages
  • Service Filter and Service UV Lamp Indicators
  • Accepts Standard SD Card (Not Included) to Upload Photos, Settings and Dealer Logo
  • Accepts Optional Remote Temperature Sensors, Part Numbers ACC-TSEN or ACC-DSEN
  • High Resolution
  • Touch Screen Display


  • Type: 7/5-2/1/365 Day Programmable or Non-Programmable, 4-Heat/2-Cool, Digital
  • Size: 5.25 Inch Width x 1.1 Inch Depth x 4 Inch Height
  • Approval: UL (Canada and US), FCC
  • Application Gas/Electric, Heat Pump and Electric Unit