Danfoss 1-1/8" ODF Soldered x 7/8" ODF Soldered, 200 to 220 VAC 50 Hz 3-Phase/208 to 230 VAC 60 Hz 3-Phase, 190 LRA, 40 A MCC, 94000 BTU/Hr, IP22, Black, Screw Terminal, Brazed Tube, R-22/R-407C (PVE Oil), High Temperature, Scroll Compressor for Air Conditioner

    Savings now and for a lifetime Danfoss air conditioning compressors reduce costs across the entire product lifespan in the application. They support system design for high efficiency performance and for the use of alternative refrigerants for light commercial, commercial and industrial HVAC applications such as rooftops units, chillers, process cooling, packaged units etc. Development costs The versatility, flexibility and efficiency of Danfoss air conditioning compressors ensure competitive design costs and shorter development times for HVAC units ranging from 2.5 to 350 tons. This offer includes the pioneering oil-free centrifugal Danfoss Turbocor Compressors as well as Danfoss Scrolls with Danfoss Intermediate Discharge Valves (IDVs), that optimize part-load efficiency, are backward compatible and minimize redesign costs. Running costs Danfoss technologies offer the widest portfolio for superior full and part-load efficiencies to reduce the running costs of the system. Staged and continuous modulation with state-of-the-art manifolding and variable speed solutions and highly efficient compression technologies, including oil-free magnetic bearing centrifugal and scrolls with IDVs, are Danfoss options to achieve the most demanding energy efficiency standards. Service costs The reliability, design and long working life of Danfoss compressors minimize maintenance and servicing costs while eliminating unplanned downtime. Frequent on/off cycling, high ambient start-up, defrost mode, low superheat conditions, high ambient operations and oil return at part-load conditions can all have severe effects on the entire lifetime of compressor applications. Building on this knowledge, Danfoss reliability and R&D teams use advanced tools and labs to improve compressor durability in many different applications.

    Features & Benefits

    • Wide Range with Wide Application Envelope Suit Varied Applications
    • Innovative IDV Technology Further Enhances Part-Load Efficiency with Minimal Redesign Costs
    • Bringing a New Level of Compressor Robustness and System Reliability
    • Manifold Configurations with High Reliability for Staged Modulations
    • Internal Motor Protection


    • Size: 184 Millimeter Diameter x 232 Millimeter Length x 536 Millimeter Height
    • Color/Finish: Black
    • Used On Item: Light Commercial Air Conditioner
    • Applicable Standard: UL, CE
    • Refrigerant Type R-22/R-407C (PVE Oil)
    • Tubing Type Brazed
    • Electrical Connection Screw Terminal
    • Connection Type 1-1/8 Inch ODF Soldered x 7/8 Inch ODF Soldered
    • Motor Voltage Rating 200 to 220 Volt AC 50 Hertz 3-Phase/208 to 230 Volt AC 60 Hertz 3-Phase
    • Current Rating 190 Amp (Locked Rotor), 40 Amp (Motor Control Center)
    • Capacity 94000 BTU/Hour
    • Enclosure Rating IP22
    • Capacity Control Fixed Speed
    • Speed Rating 2900 RPM (50 Hertz), 3500 RPM (60 Hertz)
    • Configuration Code Single
    • Number of Starts 12 per Hour
    • Oil Charge 2.66 Liter
    • Viscosity 68 cP
    • Temperature Rating 45 to 130 Deg F



    • BrandDanfoss
    • AvailabilityAvailable for Delivery
    • Warehouse AvailabilityCRNE
    • Capacity88425
    • Rated Voltage (60Hz)208/230
    • RefrigerantR407C
    • Refrigerant Oil TypePolyol Ester (POE)
    • Variety TypeScroll
    • Frequency60Hz
    • Motor Phase3

    Equipment Parts List

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