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  • Capacity: 53720
  • Category: Hermetic Compressor
  • Motor Phase: 3
  • Rated Voltage (60Hz): 208/230
  • Refrigerant: R22
  • Refrigerant Oil Type: Alkyl Benzene (ABMO)
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Line Voltage (60Hz): 208V, 230V
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  • Variety Type: Scroll
Danfoss 239 MM x 239 MM, 7/8" x 1/2", ODF Soldered x ODF Soldered, 208 to 230 VAC 60 Hz 3-Phase, 123 A Load Rated, 54 BTU/Hr, R-22 Refrigerant, PVE Oil, High Temperature, Internal Motor Protection, Brazed Connection, Screw Terminal, Scroll Compressor for Air Conditioner

Features & Benefits

  • Danfoss H-series scroll compressors are manufactured using the most advanced machining, assembly and process control techniques
  • The highest standards of quality were the first priority when designing the H-series compressors
  • These high standards resulted in an incredibly efficient product with the highest possible reliability, all while operating at a low sound level
  • With no threaded fasteners, half the hermetic welds and one-third fewer parts than competitor models, Danfoss H-series scroll compressors install quickly and easily
  • All H-series compressors feature a design with minimal internal parts, decreasing the overall weight and reducing operation noise by up to three decibels compared to similar competitor models
  • With liquid and suction line connections and a bolt pattern that align with those of other major scroll compressor manufacturers, Danfoss scroll compressors can be drop-in replacements for compressors made by nearly any company
  • Danfoss H-series scroll compressors operate equally well in either cooling or heat pump applications
  • With high energy savings and low environmental impact, H-series compressors are the perfect solution to meet today's high expectations, especially in the renovation sector
  • Wide range with wide application envelope for varied applications
  • Standard dimensions and tubing, ideal for both new installations and replacement markets
  • Lead-free bearings ensure high reliability even with low lubrication
  • Discharge check valve prevents reverse rotation, resulting in no shutdown noise
  • Oil injection ensures optimal lubrication
  • Minimal environment impact, even in extreme operating conditions
  • Low sound level


  • Item: Scroll Compressor, High Temperature, Internal Motor Protection, Brazed Connection, Screw Terminal
  • Size: 239 Millimeter Width x 239 Millimeter Height
  • Color/Finish: Black or Blue
  • Used On Item: Air Conditioner
  • Solder ODF Connection 7/8 Inch x 1/2 Inch
  • Motor Voltage Rating 200 to 220 Volt AC 50 Hertz 3-Phase and 208 to 230 Volt AC 60 Hertz 3-Phase
  • Current Rating 123 Amp (LRA), 27 Amp (MCC), 21.7 Amp (Operating)
  • Refrigerant Type R-22
  • Oil Type PVE
  • Nominal Capacity 54 BTU/Hour
  • Design Optimized for 45 Deg F/100 Deg F
  • Application Residential