S8910U1000 MFG #: S8910U1000
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Honeywell

S8910U Universal Hot Surface Ignition Module

  • Provides operating control of a direct ignition system using 120VAChot surface igniter
  • Replaces most hot surface ignition modulesmanufactured by Honeywell, Robert Shaw & White-Rodgers
  • For local (single rod) or remote (dual rod) rectification type flame sensing
  • For use only in 60Hz systems
  • Provides one or three ignition trials (four-second or seven-second trials)per call for heat; prepurge of 32 seconds or less; up to 96 seconds betweenpurge trial times
  • Number of trials for ignition and trial time is determined by the selectiontab.  If a selection tab is not installed, the module will operate at four secondstrial time & one ignition trial
  • Temperature range is -40°F to +175°F