This product is obsolete

Cor 7 Day, 2H/2C, 3H/2C Thermostat With Built in Wi-Fi

This product is obsolete

Cor 7 Day, 2H/2C, 3H/2C Thermostat With Built in Wi-Fi



    Carrier CÔR® 7C WI-FI® 4.261" x 1.037" x 4.261", 24 VAC, 3 VA, 32 to 104 Deg F, Programmable, Thermostat

    The smart, stylish Côr® 7C Thermostat offers programming to fit your household with 7-day, 5/2-day and 1-day options. The device can be remotely controlled via the free mobile app1 and combines temperature and humidity control for added comfort. Wall-mounted and low-voltage, it has no need for batteries to store user-configured settings within its memory. During power loss, its internal memory saves settings for an unlimited time and the clock continues to run for at least 24 hours. You can easily customize settings for times when you’re home, sleeping or away. The Côr 7C Thermostat and mobile app feature Touch•N•Go® for quick and easy temperature change without changing programming schedules. And, with the touch of a button, OptiSave™ can show users how to lower their energy bills by adjusting their settings.

    Features & Benefits

    • 7-color fixed segment screen
    • Remote access via Internet for smartphone
    • Free iOS and Android™ apps
    • Amazon™ Alexa™ compatible
    • Connected Contractor Portal allows remote system diagnostics
    • OptiSave™ feature estimates how your schedule can lower your energy bill
    • Detailed energy reports and customized energy-saving tips
    • Weather display
    • Ideal Away™ saves energy, efficiently returning your ideal comfort settings
    • One-button Touch-N-Go® quick-settings-change feature
    • Ideal Humidity® technology capable for optimal cooling comfort
    • Hybrid Heat® system management capable
    • Staging-capable heating and cooling comfort
    • Auto changeover between heating and cooling
    • On or auto fan speed options, plus programmable by period
    • 7-day guided schedule programming (Wake, Away, Home, Sleep)
    • Vacation hold programming
    • Filter, UV lamp and humidifier pad replacement reminders
    • High/low temperature, high/low humidity, and system alerts
    • Energy Star® Rated


    • Type: Programmable
    • Voltage Rating: 24 Volt AC
    • Power Rating: 3 Volt Amp
    • Temperature Rating: 32 to 104 Deg F (Operating), -22 to 135 Deg F (Storage)
    • Size: 4.261 Inch Width x 1.037 Inch Depth x 4.261 Inch Height


    • BrandCor

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