CRRFCURB003A00 ROOF CURB 7.5-12.5 TON 14"

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Cambridgeport 14", Galvanized, Fabricated G90 Heavy Gauge Steel, Roof Curb for CRRFCURB003A00 Rooftop Unit

Features & Benefits

  • Mitered top corner
  • Full perimeter wood nailer
  • Pre-punched assembly hole and hardware
  • Roof curb is shipped unassembled
  • Curb are internally insulated with 1 Inch thick 1-1/2 Pound density duct liner


  • Size: 14 Inch Height
  • Material: Fabricated G90 Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Color/Finish: Galvanized
  • Used On Item: Rooftop Unit
  • Used On Item Part No: CRRFCURB003A00
  • Includes Duct Support Installation