159892 MFG #: RZ159892
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Reznor
Nortek Global HVAC, LLC (Reznor HVAC) 2-Position, Damper Motor for RDF-1/RDF-2/RDF-3 Direct-Fired Makeup Air Heater

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic full depression of core valves without adjustment, regardless of core position
  • Coupler halves separately connect to access fitting and hose end, then easy push/pull operation automatically opens or closes system without loss of refrigerant
  • Automatic shut-off of hose ends permits discharging high side hose through manifold into low side
  • Eliminates hazardous discharge of refrigerant and oil from system when disconnecting hose
  • Simplifies operation of charging critical amount of refrigerant into small systems
  • Prevents finger burn when disconnecting - especially servicing heat pumps in cold weather
  • Core depressors in hose ends no longer necessary speeds servicing of systems with hand valves


  • Item: Quick Coupler
  • Size: 1/4 Inch Female Threaded x 1/4 Inch Male Threaded
  • Used On Item: Refrigeration and Air Conditioner
  • Coupler Type Straight