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DiversiTech Corporation Clear, Universal, Charging Hose for Super Change/Flash R-134A/R-404A/R-407C/R-410A Refrigerant System

Flash™ Detect Inject (990) is an integrated UV dye solution that injects just like Flex Inject Sealant Advanced and Total without the use of tools or manifold gauges. As soon as it enters the system, the green dye quickly exposes leaks with the use of a UV light (the Cliplight by DiversiTech 89DC is recommended). Flash™ Detect Inject is ideal in locations where leaks are not easily spotted with conventional methods. The highly soluble fluid exposes all leaks, making them easy to find. You can then use either DiversiTech's Super Seal Sealant Advanced (can version) or Flex Inject Sealant Advanced (flexible hose version) to fix the leak. Flash™ Detect UV dye (980) is the can version of the advanced class of highly concentrated ultraviolet dye that uses DRY R™ instead of POE oil as its carrier. One can treats up to 64 oz (1.8L) of oil. Flash Detect UV dye uses the system’s refrigerant as the propellant - creating a clean, no-mess injection every time. Required hose sold separately (20122)

Features & Benefits

  • UV Chemical Dye Solutions
  • Flash Detect Inject
  • Polymer Free
  • No Tools Required
  • Compatible with All Oils and Refrigerants
  • Made in USA


  • Color/Finish: Clear
  • Used On Item: R-134A/R-404A/R-407C/R-410A Refrigerant System
  • Used On Model/Brand: Super Change, Flash
  • Includes UV Dye