Ecobee True, 4 Heat/2 Cool Thermostat With Built in Wi-Fi

  • Buyer STOR
  • Amps 0.125
  • Application All Heating and Cooling Applications
  • Backlit Yes
  • Batteries Included No
  • Brand Ecobee
  • Built In Wi-Fi True
  • Color Black
  • Digital Display 3.5
  • Digital Programmable True
  • Display LCD
  • Dual Transformer Compatible Yes
  • Height 4.29 in
  • Language English
  • Length 1 in
  • Power Method Hardwired
  • Stages 4 Heat/2 Cool
  • Support Capacitive Touch True
  • Temperature Range 32 To 131 (0 To 55 C)
  • Parts Application Std heat/Cool
  • UL Listed Yes
  • UL Recognized No
  • Voltage 24
  • Warranty 3 Year
  • Warranty Offered 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Weight 1.72 lb
  • Width 4.29 in
  • Features Backlit Display, Humidity Sensor, Smart Home Compatible


Get comfortable with saving.

Smart features and easy scheduling help you save up to 26%* annually on heating and cooling. Plus, you’ll get monthly energy reports that show you how much you’ve saved and how to save even more.

Air Quality

Breathe better with air quality monitoring
Unlock superior home health with a built-in air quality monitor that alerts you when air quality is poor and gives simple steps on how to improve it.

Making air filters easy
Cleaner air is a beautiful thing with air filter change reminders and optional home delivery. ecobee Air Filter subscription required for home delivery.

Voice and Sound

Fine-tune your comfort with voice control
Smart Thermostat Premium has Alexa Built-in and can also be enabled with Siri. To enable Siri, simply pair with an Apple HomePod or HomePod mini to run your smart home, play and send texts, and find answers to all kinds of questions.

Make intercom-style announcements
You can use your Smart Thermostat to send intercom messages to a HomePod mini or Alexa device in another room or throughout the house. Just say “Hey Siri, announce ‘The movie is starting’” or “Alexa, announce ‘It’s dinnertime.’”

The smart thermostat made for music
Listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts on your thermostat with Spotify Connect and Amazon Music. Stream to a Bluetooth speaker for high-fidelity sound.

eco+ Features

What is eco+?
eco+ comes automatically enabled to unlock additional energy savings It works in the background to deliver maximum energy efficiency and comfort with minimal effort. Learn more about eco+.

Schedule Assistant
Learns your routine and recommends changes to your thermostat schedule to better match it.

Smart Home & Away
Uses Smart Thermostat’s built-in occupancy sensor to automatically adjust the temperature for energy savings when you leave home and restore your comfort settings when you return.

Adjust Temperature for Humidity
Takes indoor humidity levels into account to ensure your home is energy efficient and always feels like the temperature you've set, no matter the humidity.

Time of Use
Intelligently preheats or precools your home when electricity is cheaper and reduces usage when it's expensive, saving you money and using cleaner energy.²

Community Energy Savings
Makes slight temperature adjustments during times of peak energy demand in your community, consuming cleaner energy and reducing strain on the energy grid without sacrificing comfort.²

Pause when Open
If a window or door is left open for 5 minutes ecobee will alert you and automatically pause your heating or cooling, saving you money while helping the environment. SmartSensor for doors and windows and an ecobee Smart Security subscription required to access this feature

Advanced Control

Remote Control
Controllable through many devices, like your Smartphone, Tablet or Apple Watch.

Works with preferred smart home systems like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings and IFTTT.

ecobee Smart Security

Multi-talented monitoring
The only home security option where your smart thermostat doubles as a hub to monitor, detect, and alert you to unexpected activity. *ecobee Smart Security plan required

Outsmart intruders
ecobee home monitoring uses smart thermostat’s advanced sensor, Wi-Fi, and geofencing technology to understand when your home is empty or occupied. *ecobee Smart Security plan required

Protect from fire
With a Smart Security subscription, your smart thermostat can detect the sound of a smoke alarm and notify you. *ecobee Smart Security plan required

Notifications and reports

Energy Reports
Get a monthly savings report and compare your results to other homes in the area. It’s like an energy audit at no extra cost.

Alerts & Reminders
The app notifies you of sudden temperature drops that could result in frozen or burst pipes and when the system needs maintenance.

Advanced thermostat capabilities

Smart Recovery
As Smart Thermostat gets to know your home’s heating and cooling patterns, it learns how long it takes to reach your desired temperature. If you routinely wake up at 6 a.m., Smart Recovery will start heating and cooling your home in advance so it’s comfortable when you wake up.

Thermal Protect
Prevents your HVAC system from excessive runtime.

AC Overcool to Dehumidify
This feature will use your air conditioner to lower the indoor humidity to keep you cool and comfortable if you don’t have a dehumidifier.

Supports two-stage heating and cooling
ecobee thermostats are optimized for one or two-stage heating and cooling equipment. Staging control lets you get the level of comfort you like while lowering energy use.

Optimal Humidity
In homes with humidifiers, SmartThermostat regulates indoor humidity to prevent frost build-up on windows.

Fan Dissipation
Smart Thermostat automatically runs the fan after a cycle to maximize heating, cooling, and dehumidification.

Free Cooling
In homes with ventilators, Smart Thermostat uses outside air to cool down your home instead of the air conditioner when it recognizes the signs of a summer evening temperature drop.

Seamless setup

Compatible with most HVAC systems
ecobee thermostats work with radiant heating systems, multistage, and dual-fuel heat pumps. Use the Thermostat Compatibility Checker or reach out to our support team at 1‑877‑932‑6233.

Industry-leading reliability
ecobee thermostats are powered by a dedicated 24VAC power supply using a Common wire (or C wire) for consistent performance, even in the coldest weather. The included Power Extender Kit allows for installation in most homes without a C wire.

Supports HVAC accessories
Compatible with HVAC accessories, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, HRVs, and ERVs to give you ultimate control over your home’s comfort.

Built to last

Warranties without worry
Peace of mind that guarantees your product with industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Wired in
No batteries needed so you’ll never have to worry about replacing them or losing control of your thermostat. Hardwired onto your wall also means you can use your thermostat as a Smart Security home monitoring hub.