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Nortek Global HVAC Sequencer Kit for Furnace Electric Heater

Features & Benefits

  • Drain-Up Hose Kit for Indoor Unit of Commercial A/C
  • These Insulated Drain Hoses will Greatly Reduce Install Time, Since there is No Need to Cut and Cement Plastic Pipes for the Drain Assembly
  • Exclusive Hose for Drain-Up Piping Commercial A/C
  • Easy to Adjust Position
  • Very Quick
  • Less Risk for Water Leakage
  • Pre-Insulated Hose - Exclusive Insulation Technology
  • Pre-Connected Hose with Fittings - No Cement or Adhesives Needed
  • Transparent Fittings - Visible to Insure a Secure Fit and Water-Flow Check
  • Water Leakage Check Sheet


  • Item: Drain Hose Kit, Insulated, Elbow to Elbow Coupler
  • Size: 27.5 Inch Length
  • Material: PVC
  • Color/Finish: Transparent
  • Used On Item: Indoor Commercial Air Conditioner, 3/4 Inch Schedule 40 PVC Pipe
  • Application Indoor, Commercial HVAC Unit, Ceiling Cassette, Ducted Concealed