Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc. Essential 600 VAC/VDC, 400 A AC, 5000 Microfarad, 50 Mega Ohm, 9 V 100 Hr Alkaline Battery, LCD Backlight, Digital, Clamp Meter

    Features & Benefits

    • The Mid-Size Essential Clamp Meter has Virtually every Parameter for Electrical and Thermal HVAC/R Testing in One Meter
    • This Auto and Manual Ranger Includes a Host of Safety Features Including a High Voltage LED and Beeper, A Continuity Warning, Pushbutton Non-Contact Voltage, A Lead Holder with Detachable Lead and Alligator Probe Tips for Easy 1-Handed Testing
    • As Far as Ranges Go, It has Temperature, Capacitance, Microamp DC for Flame Diode Test and Everyday Electrical Ranges for HVAC/R Not to Mention it is One of the most Durable Meters in the Industry
    • Electrical Testing for HVACR True RMS Reading Through the Clamp or Lead, Inrush Current for Starting Amp
    • Rugged Display- Broad Temperature Range Tolerance Allow for Testing in Freezer and on Rooftop
    • Trusted Temp Reliable Temperature in Fast Changing Environment
    • Microamps DC- Test Flame Rectifier Circuit
    • Magnetic Hanger Hanging Strap Store Away Cleanly and Hold the Meter up Strong
    • RoHS Compliant


    • Type: Digital
    • Parameter Measured: AC/DC Voltage, Non-Contact Voltage, AC/DC Current, Capacitance, Resistance, Frequency, Continuity, Diode Test, Duty Cycle, Temperature
    • Display Type: LCD Backlight
    • AC Voltage Range: 600 Volt
    • DC Voltage Range: 600 Volt
    • AC Current Range: 400 Amp
    • DC Current Range: 500 Microamp
    • Resistance Range: 50 Mega Ohm
    • Frequency Range: 50 to 500 Hertz (Voltage Mode), 10 to 400 Hertz (Clamp), 10 Hertz to 1 Mega Hertz (Lead)
    • Battery Type: 9 Volt 100 Hour Alkaline
    • Jaw Opening: 1.2 Inch
    • Size: 79 Millimeter Width x 45 Millimeter Depth x 233 Millimeter Height
    • Inclusion: ADLS2 Deluxe Silicone Lead Set with Gold Plated Tip and Removable Sheath, ATB1 Wrap Tab K-Type Thermocouple, Velcro Strap, 9 Volt Alkaline Battery, ANC12 Padded Case
    • Approval: UL (Canada and US), CE, C-Tick, WEEE
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Capacitance 5000 Microfarad
    • Temperature Rating -30 to 932 Deg F
    • Accuracy 1.2 Percent +/-8 at 0.0001 Resolution (AC Voltage), 2 Percent +/-10 at 0.01 Resolution (AC Current), 0.5 Percent +/-2 at 0.0001 Resolution (DC Voltage), 1 Percent +/-2 at 0.1 Resolution (DC Current), 1 Percent +/-5 at 0.1 Resolution (Resistance), 3 Percent +/-5 at 0.001 Resolution (Capacitance), 0.1 Percent +/-5 at / 0.1 Resolution (Clamp/Lead Frequency), 2 Percent +/-10 at 0.1 Resolution (Duty Cycle), +/-1 Deg F at 0.1 Resolution (Temperature)
    • Backlight 60 Second Duration with Auto-Off Blue Color
    • Dual Display 5000 Count
    • Measurement Rate 3.3 Times per Second Nominal
    • Zero Automatic
    • Operating Environment 32 to 122 Deg F Less than 70 Percent Relative Humidity
    • Temperature Co-Efficient 0.1x per Deg C
    • Auto Power-Off Approximately 30 Minute
    • Altitude up to 6562 Foot
    • Safety Degree CATIII 600V, Class II and Pollution Degree 2
    • Application Indoor, HVAC/R


    • BrandFieldpiece
    • AvailabilityAvailable for Delivery
    • Warehouse AvailabilityAVON, CRNE, MALD, PLME, SALE, WESE
    • TypeElectrical Power Testing

    Equipment Parts List

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