1/2" Flare (SAE) Liquid Line Filter Drier ,16 CU IN

LLD-164-PZK MFG #: 761802
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand ZoomLock
  • Burnout No
  • Core Material & Finish Solid Core
  • Effective Volume Desiccant 16
  • Connection Type Flare (SAE)
  • Line Type Liquid
  • Nominal Connection Size 1/2" in
Parker Hannifin Corp. ZoomLock®, Gold Label™ 1/2" ODM x 1/2" ODM, Liquid Line Filter Drier for HVACR System/Air Conditioner and Refrigeration System

The Parker filter-driers provide control of the most harmful contaminants in HVACR systems. Moisture, acids, and solid debris are effectively captured to ensure the long life, efficiency, and capacity of today's high performance air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. With multiple sizes and fitting configurations, it is easy to find the right model for systems up to 15 tons.

Features & Benefits

  • Complete contaminant control to protect and extend system life and ensure system reliability
  • High performance desiccant package provides high water capacity and acid capacity
  • Porous molded core provides excellent filtration of solid debris for TEV and compressor protection


  • Size: 1/2 Inch ODM x 1/2 Inch ODM
  • Used On Item: HVACR System, Air Conditioner, Refrigeration System