P505-8487 MFG #: P505-8487
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Totaline
  • Designed to accept any standard core
  • Can be installed and leak tested without core
  • Removable flange cover permits easy installation or replacement core
  • Supplied with 1/4" pipe plug in flange cover
  • Full flow fittings for low pressure drop
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy powder paint finish
  • Sturdy steel shells for long life durability
  • 100 mesh outlet screen
  • Solid copper fittings

Totaline Replaceable Core Shells offer the flexibility of using either replaceable Filter Cores as protection against solid contaminants, or replaceable Filter Drier Cores for protection against acid, moisture, and solids. They provide high liquid line flow capacities for larger air conditioning and refrigeration jobs.

NOTE: Cores not included, order separately.