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DiversiTech Corporation Multi-Head Fin Tool Kit with (6) 13/15/16/17/18/20 Nylon Head and (1) Handle

Conveniently straightens and cleans condenser and evaporator fins. Each nylon head slides into the master handle and tightens in place. Heads are designed to fit units with fin spacing of 4–24 fins per inch. Each head is engraved with its own size and is color coded for fast identification. Heads are angled so that when inserted in the handle, the hand is a safe distance from the sharp fins. Heads may also be reversed in the handle so that combing with an upward stroke (recommended method) may be done easily with proper leverage. The master handle rests comfortably in a man size grip, is rigid and long lasting.

Features & Benefits

  • Each Nylon Head Slides into the Master Handle and Tightens in Place
  • Heads are Designed to Fit Units with Fin Spacing of 4–24 Fins per Inch
  • Each Head is Engraved with its Own Size and is Color Coded for Fast Identification
  • Heads are Angled So that When Inserted in the Handle, The Hand is a Safe Distance from the Sharp Fins
  • Heads May also be Reversed in the Handle So that Combing with an Upward Stroke


  • Material: Nylon (Head)
  • Inclusions/Features: (1) Handle, (6) 13/15/16/17/18/20 Head
  • Head Material Nylon
  • Fin Spacing 4 to 24 Fin per Inch