FLEXFIX UL 181B-FX List Metallic Film Tape

555M MFG #: 1141186
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Features & Benefits:

Tough, contractor grade closure system for UL Listed flexible, non-metallic air duct. Sealing reflective and bubble insulation. Suitable for metal to metal connections in HVAC and refrigeration applications.

Dryer vent and bath fan duct sealing.

•     3" x 120yd

•     OPP Backing

•     Tough and durable

•     Hand tearable for ease of use

•     High visibility print (red on metallic, white on black) for easy inspection

•     Acrylic Adhesive

•     Solvent-free, low odor

•     Aggressive, high tack bond

•     Mold and moisture resistant

•     UL 181B-FX Listed

•     Meets code requirements and can contribute toward requirements for EA Credit 1 (Optimize Energy Performance) under LEED®

•     Low VOC Content

•     Can contribute toward satisfying EQ Credit 4.1 (Low Emitting Materials) under LEED®