Coil Cleaner, 1 gal Foam

P902-0201 MFG #: P902-0201
  • Buyer STOR
  • Aerosol No
  • Approvals USDA Accepted
  • Brand Totaline
  • Type Condenser Coil Cleaners
  • Color Clear/yellow
  • Container Type Plastic Bottle
  • Description from Carrier Foam Cleaning Fluid Non-Acid Formulation
  • EPA Cert Required No
  • Flash Point None
  • Hazardous Material Yes
  • ISO Code US
  • Shelf Life Indefinite
  • Size 1 Gal
  • Type Condenser Coil Cleaner
  • Used On Outdoor Condenser Coil Cleaning
  • Weight 12 lb
Foam Cleaning Fluid

Formulated to clean coils. Gun attaches to garden hose and applies cleaning solution at proper dilution

Totaline Foam Cleaning Fluid is a heavy-duty, expanding foam, non-acid condenser coil cleaner formulated for use with Totaline Multi-Ratio Foam Gun, P902-9003. It provides excellent cleaning and brightening and is especially effective on greasy contamination. Its premium potassium based formulation provides enhanced rinsability compared to the harder-to-rinse, full sodium-based competing cleaners. It performs very well at all dilution rates available (1:3 to 1:10) on the Multi-Ration Foam Gun and can be diluted even more for lighter duty cleaning.