Head Pressure Control, 120-480VAC

P251-0083H MFG #: P251-0083H
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  • Intregal Heat Pump Bypass circuitry allows electronic bypass of speedcontrol during heat pump operation.
  • Eliminates overshoots common to on/off and pressure switch controls.
  • Helps prevent evaporator freeze-ups, low pressure cut-outs and liquid slugged compressors in low ambient conditions.
  • One model covers 120-480 VAC
  • Features: hard start, low temperature cutoff, high temperature bypass, isolated 24VAC supply.
  • Controls up to 3 refrigerant circuits.
  • Typical application: Heat pumps.
  • Ideal for low ambient conditions found in: Supermarkets - Frozen Storage, Computer rooms, Temperature/ Humidity Sensitive Environments