C-10231 MFG #: C-10231
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Heat Controller
  • Type Evaporator Coil
Mars Motors & Armatures, Inc. (Century) Evaporator Coil

Features & Benefits

  • Complete Contaminant Control to Protect and Extend System Life and Ensure System Reliability
  • High Performance Desiccant Package Provides High Water and Acid Capacity
  • Porous Molded Core Provides Excellent Filtration of Solid Debris for TEV and Compressor Protection
  • Models Available with Activated Charcoal for Use During System Clean-Up


  • Item: Liquid Line Filter Drier
  • Size: 4-3/4 Inch Diameter x 15.04 Inch Length
  • Used On Item: R-22/R-134A/R-404A/R-407C/R-410A Refrigeration System, Air Conditioner, Heat Pump
  • Applicable Standard: UL (Canada and US)
  • Desiccant Volume 96 Cubic Inch; Access Type Pressure Tap; End Connection 1-1/8 Inch ODF Soldered x 1-1/8 Inch ODF Soldered; Pressure Rating 650 PSIG; Filter Area 128 Square Inch; Number of Cores 2