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CPS Heater Strap CCXHB (120V)
CPS heater straps are ideal for use on portable refrigerant charging or recovery tanks, especially n cold weather when charging times become reduced or when a tank is low on refrigerant. Speeds charging by maintaining a constant temperature, thus creating a positive pressure between the refrigerant tank and A/C or refrigeration system.


  • Adjustable, to fit refrigerant supply or recovery tanks from 8" (20 cm)to 14" (35 cm) in diameter.
  • Thermostat controlled with a maximum of 130*F(55*C) and a minimum of 115*F (46*C) surface temperature of tank.
  • Cycles ON/OFF to maintain surface temperature.
  • 19" velco strap.
  • 340 Watt (100-127 VAC).
  • 2' cord
  • 200*F(93*C) Maximum temperature overload protected.