W7220A1000 MFG #: W7220A1000
  • Buyer STOR
  • Brand Factory Authorized Part
  • The JADE Economizer logic module with Digital Voice Command (DCV) and commissioning assures that specific building systems perform interactively in accordance with design intent and operational needs).
  • It offers economizer control for rooftop HVAC units with series 72 (2-10VDC) actuators for damper control.
  • Occupied/unoccupied mode, exhaust fan modeDigital economizer controller with LCD screen for programming and fault detection and diagnostics
  • Dimensions: 4.98" high x 6.3" wide x 1.34" deep (126.4mm high x 160mm wide x 34mm deep)
  • Use with Honeywell Series 72 actuators; C7232
  • With sensors and actuators, solid state economizer logic modules determine whether free-cooling can be used by bringing in outdoor air instead of energizing a compressor

These valves offers wide-capacity control for almost any IP, HSI or DSI gas-fired appliances