ZA-124 MFG #: ZA-124
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  • Category: Mount
  • Mounts Type: Spring Mounts
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Vibration Management Corp. 4" H, 173 Lb Rated/260 Lb Solid Load Rating, Cast Iron, External Adjustment, Housed Spring Mount

Features & Benefits

  • Mechanical Visual Position Indicator for Damper Status
  • Solid Construction Using Extruded Aluminum Frame and Blades
  • Parallel Blade Design for Low Leakage Performance
  • Simple, Easy-to-Wire, Two Wire Installation
  • Fail-Safe, Normally Open Operation
  • Damper Can be Installed in any Orientation
  • Reliable, Strong, 24 Volt Spring Return Motor
  • Taping Flange and Non-Interfering Set Screw
  • High Temperature Outer Plastic for Hot Environments
  • Redesigned all Metal Drive Train Gears
  • Front Facing Display with LED Indication Light for Open and Close
  • Adjustable Damper Position Range Stops
  • Quiet Operation


  • Item: Zone Control Damper
  • Type: Square, Parallel Blade, Power Closed, Spring Open
  • Opening Size: 12 Inch x 12 Inch
  • Overall Size: 3-61/64 Inch Width x 4-31/32 Inch Depth x 4-41/64 Inch Height
  • Material: Extruded Aluminum (Frame and Blade)
  • Motor Mounting Type Side; Motor Rating 24 Volt AC 60 Hertz 8 Volt Amp; Motor Torque Rating 71 Inch-Ounce; Motor Temperature Rating 40 to 140 Deg F (Ambient); Pressure Drop 0.0329 Inch WC at 800 Foot per Minute; Motor Angular Rotation 90 Degree; Leakage Less than 1 Percent at 1/2 Inch WC; Maximum Static Pressure Rating 1 Inch WC; Motor Timing 30 Second (Power Open)/10 Second (Spring Return); Wires to Motor Terminal M1-Power, M6 Common, M4 (Optional) LED Indication; Inclusion/Features Mechanical Visual Position Indicator; Used With TrueZONE and Other Electronic Zoning System; Application Circulating Air in HVAC System, Residential