258134 MFG #: 258134
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Reznor
Nortek Global HVAC (Reznor HVAC) Natural, ID Plug for RCB/RDB/RDCB/RDDB/RCC/RDC Packaged Makeup Air

Features & Benefits

  • Recessed Ceiling Fan Coils Save Valuable Floor Space and Eliminate Costly Equipment Closets
  • The Hex Series is Compatible with Most Split-System
  • Drain Pan has 3/4 Inch NPT Primary and Secondary (Overdo) Fittings
  • Cooling Coil has a Piston-Type
  • Insulated and Coated Galvanized Steel Drain Pan is Sloped for Proper Drainage


  • Item: Coil
  • Size: 45-3/4 Inch Width x 23-7/8 Inch Depth x 11 Inch Height
  • Mounting Type: Horizontal
  • Material: Cooper (Tube), Aluminum (Fin)
  • Used On Item: Recessed Ceiling Fan, Heat Pump
  • Applicable Standard: ETL (Canada and US)
  • Voltage Rating 208/240 Volt; Current Rating 22.8 Amp; Power Rating 5 Kilowatt; Capacity 2 Ton; Flow Rate 800 CFM; Capacity 18000 BTU/Hour (Cool), 17000 BTU/Hour (Heat)