714-202-G1 MFG #: 714-202-G1
  • Buyer PART
  • Brand Inficon
  • Handle Yes
  • High Pressure Limits 550 Psi
  • Motor HP 1/2
  • Refrigerant R12, R134A, R22, R401A, R407C, R410A, R500, R502
Inficon Vortex Dual® 16.7" x 9.2" x 14.2", 115 VAC 60 Hz 15 A, 1 HP Oil-Less Dual Valve AC Motor Drive Compressor, Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The new Vortex® Dual combines the proven capabilities of previous Vortex instruments with new extended features to give you the fastest, smallest, and easiest to use refrigerant recovery machine yet. Vortex® Dual sets itself apart by offering a full 1 HP dual piston compressor for the fastest recovery speeds available under real service conditions. A unique micro-channel condenser combined with an oversize fan helps lower discharge pressures resulting in sustained speed in the hottest ambient temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Hp Dual Piston Compressor for Industry Leading Recovery Rates
  • Micro-Channel Condenser Provides Exceptional Heat Exchange Allowing Vortex Dual to Maintain Recovery Rates throughout the Entire Recovery Cycle
  • Oversize Fan Provides Exceptional Cooling
  • Simple two Valve Operation
  • Full Size Protected Gauges for both Suction and tank Pressure
  • Self-Purge without the Need to Change Hoses


  • Type Vortex
  • Dimension 16.7 Inch Length x 9.2 Inch Width x 14.2 Inch Height
  • Power Source 115 Volt AC 60 Hertz 15Amp
  • Compressor Type 1 HP Oil-Less Dual Valve AC Motor Drive
  • Shut-Off Pressure 500 PSI
  • Includes Shoulder Strap, Filter/Dryer, 6 Foot Detachable Power Cord
  • Compatible Refrigerants CFCs/HCFCs/HFCs/HFOs/R410a/R12/R22/R32/R134a/R404/R407c/R500/R502/R1234yf
  • Applicable Standard CE, CSA, A2L